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victorian ice

sarah lillian
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30 rock, a very long engagement, accents, alex, alexi-stop-spleening-me!, anything jewish, arj barker, art, beards/scruff, bubble tea, canada, canadian indie, chicago, chocolate-covered almonds, conan o'brien, coney island, constant research, cooking/baking, cuddling, d.i.y., dave eggers, demetri martin, detroit, edward gorey, etymology, evolution, ewan mcgregor, fashion, fashion history, feist, feminism, flight of the conchords, french kicks, garden state, gaspard ulliel, generally interesting things, girl talk, greek culture, hand-holding, haute couture, history, history of english, holga cameras, holgas, hot fuzz, indie music, information, ireland, irony, jens lekman, jonathan fire*eater, jonathan safran foer, kenny vs. spenny, kissing, languages, lomography, love is all, lula magazine, m.i.a., marc jacobs, matt & kim, morningside heights, my vocabulary, nicole krauss, nyc, nylon magazine, of montreal, overheardinnewyork.com, oxford collapse, people watching, peter bjorn and john, photography, reading, rocky horror picture show, run lola run, sam roberts band, scandinavians, scotland, scottish accents, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, simon rich, slaughterhouse five, smirking, socialism, sondre lerche, spaced, splash, splitting heirs, steeplechase face, stop making sense, strangers with candy, street boners/tv carnage, talking heads, tea, ted leo/pharmacists, thai food, the changes, the goonies, the joggers, the most serene republic, the natural history, the office, the recoys, the royal tenenbaums, the sartorialist, the streets, the walkmen, the word 'melliflous', toronto, united kingdom, unusual medical conditions, valentine fillol-cordier, vendela vida, whipping cats, white rabbits, wikipedia, word history, writing, wrongfully imprisoned persons